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4 sao trên tổng 303 đánh giá
24 Sep 2019 tại 10:18 The chicken vindaloo was not bad but a big chunk of uncooked potato took up a large part of it. "Garlic" nan... joke. It was like cardboard. Had to throw it away and no hint of garlic. Tarka dal average
10 Sep 2019 tại 6:57 Excellent food and super fast (too fast!) delivery time.
6 Aug 2019 tại 18:46 Lovely vindaloo.
5 Jun 2019 tại 15:16 Very good quality food. Fast delivery.
25 Apr 2019 tại 7:56 The chicken was very under cooked, and when I tried to finish cooking it myself, I realised that the chicken was also past its sell-by date. I called the restaurant to alert them, I emailed vietnammm as well but haven't heard anything back.
16 Apr 2019 tại 20:05 Portion size of Lamb Seekh Kebab was incredibly small. 219k VND for 5 small pieces of dry meat. Regular customer but may not order again.
15 Apr 2019 tại 6:39 Kadai chicken is below average.
24 Mar 2019 tại 17:26 Consistently great food, special shout out for the lamb vindaloo, so tasty.
15 Mar 2019 tại 0:25 I ordered Paneer tikka and bhindi masala. The bhindi masala was aweful and I had to throw it. The paneer tikka disappointed me too, as the paneer was very hard (it was stale probably) and not properly marinated and roasted. Very disappointed.