TANDOOR RESTAURANT Northern Indian cuisine

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4 sao trên tổng 299 đánh giá
6 Aug 2019 tại 18:46 Lovely vindaloo.
5 Jun 2019 tại 15:16 Very good quality food. Fast delivery.
25 Apr 2019 tại 7:56 The chicken was very under cooked, and when I tried to finish cooking it myself, I realised that the chicken was also past its sell-by date. I called the restaurant to alert them, I emailed vietnammm as well but haven't heard anything back.
16 Apr 2019 tại 20:05 Portion size of Lamb Seekh Kebab was incredibly small. 219k VND for 5 small pieces of dry meat. Regular customer but may not order again.
15 Apr 2019 tại 6:39 Kadai chicken is below average.
24 Mar 2019 tại 17:26 Consistently great food, special shout out for the lamb vindaloo, so tasty.
15 Mar 2019 tại 0:25 I ordered Paneer tikka and bhindi masala. The bhindi masala was aweful and I had to throw it. The paneer tikka disappointed me too, as the paneer was very hard (it was stale probably) and not properly marinated and roasted. Very disappointed.
28 Jan 2019 tại 22:01 Really bad Indian food...threw it away after tasting...all the wrong spices mixed up...this restaurant needs an Indian chef knowing cooking in different parts of India
20 Jan 2019 tại 7:28 delicious as always